About Oasis Family Support Lincolnshire

Oasis was originally set up by two families who turned to each other for advice when they realised there was no provision in place to support the relatives of individuals who use drugs and/or alcohol in Lincolnshire. Following several years as an independent charity it merged with Lincolnshire Action Trust in November 2015.

The Oasis Family Support team offer confidential one-to-one support to adults, children, young people and families across Lincolnshire who have been, or are being, affected by a family member using drugs or alcohol.

Oasis recognises that substance use can affect anyone within the community.

It doesn’t just affect the individual and can have a devastating effect on the whole family.

The team provides much needed emotional support, wellbeing advice and a non-judgmental listening ear to allow individuals to fully express themselves and begin to work through the challenges of their situation.